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1st-time clients get a one-hour FBM for just $40.00

1st-time clients get a one-hour FBM for just $40.00

Rebooked Appointments save $10.00 on your next visit!

Rebooked Appointments save $10.00 on your next visit!

30 Minutes-$30.00

60 Minutes-$75.00

90 Minutes-$90.00

Bodywork promotes health, relaxation, and emotional well being by increasing circulation, flexibility & mobility, and reduce stress. Without a doubt  massages makes you feel better!!


Using my hands I have the potential to relieve everyday aches, pains, and ailments to improve your health, and to increase your vitality. I use my fingers to stimulate key points on the skin that, in turn, activate the body's natural self-healing processes.

Chair Massage

Mobile Massage for On-Site Wellness solution for muscles, mind, workforce, and management. I will bring a portable massage chair to an event or office. Clients remain clothed keeping turn-around times short and helping to create a comfortable environment. Receiving just fifteen minutes of chair massage has been found to be effective for relief of aches, pains, and reduction of stress.

Couples Massage

Two people are massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different massage therapists. You can talk to each other, or be silent the whole time letting your mind decompress and relax. Treatments can vary - one may prefer a light touch and the other, a kneading of the muscles. It can be  best friends, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, same-sex partners, or even moms/daughters.

Deep Tissue Massage   

This treatment focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissue. It is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct, deep pressure or friction applied across the fibers of the muscles. It helps to break up & eliminate scar tissue and adhesions. It usually focuses on more specific areas and may cause some soreness during or right after this modality, but usually dissipates within a day.  


Combination of therapeutic treatment in the cranial and facial region. It also includes neck and shoulders for greater effectiveness. The objective is to remove tension and is a mental stress eliminator. 

Hot Stone Massage

 Hot stone is a specialty detoxifying type of bodywork. This unique & effective technique consists of applying oils and hot stones on the body to help balance the energy centers. Heated smooth flat stones are placed on key points on the body. They are also used when performing a treatment. Stones are used in specific areas of the body to relax the muscles. Deeper pressure can be applied with the stones.

   Lower Back Release

This technique focuses on the low back, groin, hip, and glut regions. Continued alternating pressure with the thumbs or fists across the entire lower back and sacrum area is performed on the four trigger points that refer pain. 

Lymphatic Massage

Is a gentle, relaxing form of massage that helps the body's lymphatic system get moving again while reinforcing immune function. Each stroke slightly moves the skin in the direction of the lymphatic flow to encourage the drainage of fluid and waste. The medical method is performed on breast cancer patients who have undergone mastectomy. It lessens swelling and improves circulation.

Manipulative & Friction Massage

This style of hands-on work facilitates deep relaxation and increased physical mobility. It is an interactive manipulation of the body that uses friction, rocking, jiggling & kneading motions,  and applied pressure along meridian lines to stimulate the movement of the body and relieve joint tension.

Myofascial Release

Slow perpendicular stretching is used in specific directions of the muscle to help break up adhesions. This technique uses targeted compression techniques, positioning, and stretching to release the muscles, as well as, restrictions in tendons, muscular attachments, and sometimes fascia surrounding the muscle.

Neck and Shoulder Release

Used for tension, pain, and stress in the shoulders and neck. This body treatment is a good tool in relieving chronic neck pain, as well as, encourages relaxation of the body. The kneading motion should be created by applying and releasing pressure from the thumb and fingertips.

Pre-natal / Postnatal Massage  

Pregnancy is a time of significant physiological and structural change in a women's life. Massage therapy is an effective form of complimentary health care during this time. Some benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, improved circulation, and reduction of muscularity strain & pain. The benefits follow the women on to labor and help her during the birthing of her baby. Positioning of the mother is done with care to ensure the safety and comfort of herself and her baby.

Pressure Point Therapy

In this therapy treatment pressure is applied in certain regions on the body with the thumbs. By correctly using pressure points the therapist can erase muscle spasms by pressessing on the appropriate pressure points for several seconds by means of fingers, knuckles, and elblows and then re-educated the affected muscle to its normal resting relxed condition.  A therapist can create relaxation all over the body.


Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet, hands, and sometimes ears. Specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques and performed without the use of oil or cream. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet, hands, and sometimes ears with the premise that such work effects a physical change in the body.

Sports Massage 

This treatment was designed for athletes, but is useful for anyone with chronic pain, injury, or range-of-motion issues This type of technique is preventive and cures at the same time! It may be used with stretching in order to help athletes to loosen, warm up, and prepare their muscles so that their performance and endurance might be enhanced.  Following an event it may be used to relieve pain, prevent stiffness, and return the muscles back to their normal state. 

Swedish Massage

A variety of techniques are used to focus on the body's soft tissues. Light to moderate pressure is applied, depending on the client's preference. The treatment is usually performed as a full body massage in a transitional sequence, but can be adapted to the patient's preferences (for example back and neck). This body treatment  is an effective way to reduce tension and stress and enjoy an hour of peace and quiet!

Trigger Point Therapy

A hyperirritable spot that is painful.  It affects not only the muscle where the trigger point is located, but also causes "referred pain" in tissues supplied by nerves. The therapist will locate and deactivate by using finger pressure or pick up the muscle fibers in a pincer grip. This modality is applied to people who are suffering from pain brought on by an injures soft tissue, for example-muscle strain. It feels painful but the pain dissipates once the muscles are more relaxed.
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